Approved by the Shandong Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, enjoy the right to operate import and export.

1. Building materials:

      Specializing in the production of doors and windows curtain wall with aluminum alloy materials and finished doors and windows, industrial parts and components finishing.

      Custom processing of various aluminum and copper radiators.

2. Auto parts:

      Mainly more than two thousand kinds of cars and trucks brake discs, brake pads, brake drum; casting and forging aluminum alloy car wheels;

3. Textile products: Our company specializes in the production and processing of various types of fabrics such as summer and winter clothing and bedding, the average monthly production capacity of 15 containers;

4. Animal feed: fish meal, soybean meal, corn gluten meal, fish material;

5. Other exports: UREA, SODIUM NITRATE Sodium nitrate, fertilizer, Calcium carbide

6. Import business:

     1) mahogany logs imported;

     2) Chinese herbal medicine products import agent and marketing;

     3) ore products import agents and marketing;

     4) the introduction, promotion and application of advanced technology and intellectual property rights;

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