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Product Description

Plastic dropper Introduction: plastic dropper is made of PE, pet and other materials, is the laboratory, food research, medicine and other industries indispensable an experimental supplies.

Specifications are 0.2ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml and other specifications.


1. When using plastic dropper, pinch the top with your fingers, drive out the air in the dropper, and then drag the dropper into the reagent bottle, let go of the finger, the reagent is inhaled.

2. Droplet should take the other side of the tube in the top, do not flat or inverted, to prevent the solution back and corrosion rubber head.

3. Drop the liquid, it should be placed on top of the beaker, do not touch the beaker wall, so as not to stain the dropper or cause contamination of the reagent.

4. Do not put the dropper on the test bench or other place, so as not to stain the dropper.

5. Use the dropper to immediately rinse with water to prepare for reuse.

6. Do not use the untreated dropper to draw other reagents (dropping the dropper on the bottle do not rinse with water).

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