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Emulsion Explosives

Emulsion Explosives



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Product Description

Molecular formula: NH4NO3

Molecular weight: 80.04


Coated Chemical Pure Ammonium Nitrate (Product Standard: GB 2945-89)
Ammonium Nitrate-Dry Basic   99.50% Min.
Total Nitrogen     34.60% Min.
Free Water       0.6% Max.
Free Acidity(Express as HNO3)   0.01%.
PH(in 10% ammonium nitrate solution) 4 To 6.0
Anti-caking Agent   0.08%
Prill Size 1.0-2.5mm 92% Min.
Packing: 25kgs/bag which is POLYPROPYLENE inside covered by PE layer or 1 tone bag which is in the standard of UN.   

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