Blood Collection Tube

Vacuum blood collection is mainly used for blood collection and preservation of specimens.

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Product Description


1. Mainly used for disinfection during the blood collection process,hemostasis and protection for the infection wound.

2. Standardize the blood collection process.

3. One blood collection care kits can be used by only one person and it is disposable in order to prevent cross infection and ensure the safety of blood donors.

How to use:

1.  choose venipuncture position with the help of tourniquet

2.  disinfect the selected venipuncture position with cotton swab

3.  unscrew the blood sampling needle sheath and ensure the arm down

4.  push the needle into the veins for blood sampling

5.  let go of the toruniquet after blood flows into the blood collection tube

6.  press the venipuncture position for five minutes with new cotton swabs to stop bleeding


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