Hearing Aid

Hearing aids is a small loudspeaker that amplifies the original sound that can not be heard, and uses the residual hearing of the hearing impaired so that the sound can be sent to the brain's auditory center and feel the sound. Mainly by the microphone, amplifier, headset, power and volume control five parts. Hearing aids are divided into air-guided hearing aids and bone-guided hearing aids by means of conduction; they are classified into box, eyeglass, hairpin, ear-back, ear-type, ear canal type, deep ear canal type hearing aids.

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Product Description


1) Microphone: Collect sound and convert it into radio waves.

2) Amplifier: increase the intensity of radio waves.

3) Receiver: just and the opposite of the microphone, the increased power and then back into sound waves.

4) Power: small battery.

5) Housing: protect the internal structure.

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