Shadowless Lamp

The real cold light source, the use of new LED cold light source, energy saving and long Excellent shadowless effect, the use of the most scientific lighting radian, multi-point light source design Excellent depth of lighting, the use of computer-aided modular design Advanced control system, the use of liquid crystal display button-type control, can be power switch, illumination, color temperature and other adjustments to meet the medical staff of different patients with surgical brightness requirements Digital memory function, automatic memory for the appropriate illumination Universal suspension adjustment

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Product Description

Illumination: 40000-180,000Lux

Color temperature: 3700K - 5000K (adjustable)

Color rendering index: 85 - 98 (adjustable)

Spot diameter: 160mm - 2800mm (adjustable)

Focus depth: ≧ 1200mm

Brightness adjustment: 1% --- 100%

Surgeon head temperature: <1 ℃

LED life: ≧ 50,000 hours

Power supply: AC100--240V 50 / 60Hz

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