Electrosurgical Generator

Output power, good coagulation effect Multi-function, multi-mode, single and bipolar Fine power adjustment The use of full suspension structure, the use of double feedback route, high safety performance Manual, foot control can work independently, bipolar coagulation output by the foot control Open circuit automatic alarm, automatic fault detection Power Adaptability: Changes in AC 220V (up and down floating 22V)

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Product Description

Working frequency: 450KHZ (can move up and down 10%)

High frequency leakage current: ≦ 100mA

Output power: Pure 300W (500Ω)

            Mixing: 250W (500Ω)

            Electrocoagulation: 150W (500Ω)

            Bipolar Condensation: 36W (500Ω)

Operating mode: cut / mixed 450KHZ (up and down 10%)

           Mixed suspension: 1: 1, each burning 1 - high frequency cycle

           Electrocoagulation: Use pulse width of 1.25μs (up and down 0.25μs)

Dimensions: 430 * 390 * 170mm

Net Weight: Host: 9.3KG

        Foot switch: 2.2KG

Conditions of use: Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ - 40 ℃

            Ambient humidity: ≦ 80%


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