After-sale service

(A) within the warranty period

On the equipment products: During the quality assurance period due to product quality problems, the company can repair or send parts free of charge, until the equipment is running normally, due to poor customer management or improper use of equipment damage caused by the company actively give technical guidance, the circumstances are serious Can be returned to the factory maintenance, the cost of their own commitment.

Similarly: non-equipment products, problems, please save the evidence on the spot, contact us directly, according to the severity of the damage, the company to re-free delivery or to take part of the payment of the way to deal with.


(B) beyond the warranty period

     Products in the long-term operation caused by mechanical failure, the customer can not solve the case, the company received a customer call, the company can actively cooperate to solve the problem, so that equipment can run normally, all costs borne by the customer. FMCG overtime quality problems, the company can not give compensation.


(C) installation and commissioning

1.  Guidance installation: During the installation and commissioning phase of the equipment, the technical experts and skilled workers of the company can carry out technical guidance through the network to deal with the technical problems related to the manufacturing.

      2. Installation pre-use: the company can arrange through the network dialogue and audio files on the customer technical staff and workers for process requirements and equipment installation procedures and equipment training. Strictly control the installation quality, to ensure the installation of precision and equipment commissioning to ensure the normal operation of equipment.

3. According to user requirements, in a timely manner to do a good job of customer service, do a good job free guide installation, tracking product debugging work, problems and timely communication and help solve.


(D) after-sales service

    1. For the customer agent or self-transport, must inform the transport need to pay attention to matters and the need to assist the preparation of the documents. To ensure the safe arrival of the use of equipment.

      2. Prepare spare parts for the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the product, so that customers worry-free.

      3.In the equipment warranty period, in accordance with the contract law on the implementation of three bags of product quality.

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