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Product Description

Use methods and precautions:

Ear pierced wearing a proper way to wear a stethoscope: a stethoscope designed to meet the ear canal angle of the patented ergonomic ear tube with the ear canal. It can be with the listener's ear canal comfortably close, will not let you feel tired and discomfort. Before putting the ear tube on, please pull the stethoscope out of the ear tube; the metal ear should be tilted forward, the ear tube into your external auditory canal, the ear canal and your ear canal close close; each person's ear canal size Are not the same, you can choose the appropriate size of the ear canal. If you wear the correct method, but the ear canal and the ear canal close poor, auscultation effect is not good, please pull the ear tube to adjust its flexibility. Improper wearing method, the ear canal and the ear canal will not cause auscultation ineffective. For example, when the ear tube wears, it will completely hear.

  Clear debris: If the stethoscope has been placed in the pocket, or there is no regular maintenance, the clothing of the cotton, fiber or dust may block the stethoscope ear tube. Regular maintenance and cleaning can prevent the above situation.

  Check the tightness: the high-quality sound effects of the stethoscope are related to the degree of closeness between the stethoscope and the patient's surface, the stethoscope to the listener's ear canal. Hearing parts loose, Y tube loose, Y tube damage will affect the degree of adhesion. The better the degree of fit, the more accurate the patient's voice into the ears of the listener. So always check the stethoscope status.

  Double-sided stethoscope: When using a double-headed stethoscope, the user needs to switch the listening clock or diaphragm mode to use. When the membrane surface is used, the clock face will be closed to avoid interference

Storage conditions:

Stethoscope should be stored in the relative humidity of not more than 80%, should be no corrosive gas and well ventilated room

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