Blood Glucose Meter

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Product Description

1)5 seconds reading, quick display of measurement results

2)360 groups of memory stored value

3)The last 7 days, 14 days, 28 days the average of the measured results

4)Free code design, simple operation

5)Time and date display, accurate recording of measurement data

6)oval design, comfortable grip

7)5 years warranty, life-long maintenance

Method of operation:

The operation of the blood glucose meter is basically divided into five steps:

    The first step: turn on the power, part of the direct power switch, part of the direct insertion of paper automatically boot.

    Step 2: Code adjustment. Blood glucose meter coding adjustment is divided into the following three:

⒈ manually enter the test paper correction code such as Li Shutan blood glucose meter, Johnson & Johnson blood glucose meter;

⒉ with a password chip into the machine automatically record test paper correction code such as Roche vitality type blood glucose meter,

⒊ free code, no need to manually or insert the chip, the instrument automatically identify such as Bayer Bye 2, Echo Le Shu blood glucose meter

    The third step: blood collection, blood-sucking with blood glucose meter with a good blood collection pen can be directly blood, and then drop the blood drop into the test paper, most of the test paper are siphon, put into the test area will be directly sucked into the blood-sucking area.

    Step 4: Display the results: After the vampire, it will show the countdown, showing the test results. Ranging from five seconds to 30 seconds.

     Step 5: complete the test, shut down. The mainstream of the blood glucose meter pull out the test paper automatically shut down, part of the early product also need to turn off the power button. Shutdown reduces battery consumption and machine wear.

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