Electric Surgical Bed

This electric comprehensive operating table for thoracic and abdominal surgery, brain surgery, ophthalmology, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, orthopedic and other implementation of a comprehensive operating table. Table movements, front and rear tilt, left and right tilt, translation and other major position adjustment by the key operation, electric putter rotation to achieve. Table can be moved vertically, with the C-arm supporting the use of radiation can be used for film or film. Leg plate removable, manual rotation outreach, under the fold, easy adjustment, very convenient urology Handheld manipulator with 24V DC voltage, easy to operate, safe and reliable

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Product Description

Table length and width: 2010 * 500mm

The highest and lowest height of the table: 930 * 640mm

Table front and rear tilt the maximum angle: forward tilt ≧ 25 ° backward tilt ≧ 20 °

The table about the maximum angle: left: ≧ 20 ° right ≧ 20 °

Legs adjustment range: the next fold ≧ 90 ° removable abduction 180 °

Back plate adjustment range: on the fold ≧ 75 ° fold ≧ 10 °

Head plate adjustment: on the fold ≧ 45 ° down ≧ 90 ° can be removed

Pan function: no translation or translation ≧ 400mm

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