General Laboratory Equipment

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Product Description

Supply the most comprehensive laboratory equipment:

Beer, Flask, Vial, Vial, Pellet, Vial, Bottle, Droplet, Alcohol, Discharge Bottle, Reagent Bottle, Dryer, Separate Funnel, Glass Funnel, Ceramic Funnel, Brinell Sand Magnetic filter funnel, sand filter filter crucible, ceramic crucible, crucible clamp, mouth ceramic mortar, ceramic mortar, glass mortar, stir bar, iron platform, laboratory lift, multi-purpose folder, drip rack, glass tube cutter Inoculation ring, counterweight ring, stainless steel punch, silicone plug, clay net, Bunsen lamp laboratory thermometer, cork beaker, plastic cylinder, printing plastic beaker, scale plastic beaker, bottle, PTFE beaker, PTFE reagent Bottle, PTFE tweezers, PTFE surface dish, brush, gland-type sample cup, disposable cup, disposable plastic funnel, autoclave indicator belt, disinfection bag, weapon box, weighing plate, filter paper, PH test paper, , Sample bag, mechanical stopwatch, magnetic stir bar, stir bar out rod, cuvette, standard magnetic stirrer, digital magnetic stirrer, whirlpool mixer, digital shaker, 1 0 channel magnetic stirrer.

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