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Company Profile

Qingdao Beihai Shooting Club is a large-scale outdoor activities club which organizes live fire shooting, field hunting and sightseeing as the main body. The company is located in the beautiful Laoshan District of Qingdao. In order to make the member a worthwhile trip and fully feel the attitude of shooting charm. The club is equipped with a professional service team and coaches, allowing you to experience the real fire shooting and improve the sense of national defense, to stimulate patriotic feelings  at the same time! Regardless of occupation, regardless of gender, regardless of region, as long as you like shooting and want to challenge yourselves, you can join us!

Our service concept is: customers requirment is our work; customer trust is our motivation; customer satisfaction is our pursuit! Progressive, pragmatic and win-win is always be our guide to provide you best quality service.We look forward to your visiting!

Business Scope:

Organization, planning live fire shooting, hunting, team field development, training, travel by car, tourism adventure

Tianheng Island

Because of the particularity of the shooting movement, the company's shooting site is located in Jimo,Qingdao City.3.5 km east of the sea things long and narrow island, the total area of the island is about  1.46 square kilometers. The coastline is 8 kilometers long.It is only 68 kilometers away from Qingdao terminal.

      According to historical records, the late Qin and early Han Dynasty, Liu Bang's generals Han Xin attacked Qi. The emperor of Qi- Tian Guang was killed, Perdana Tiantieng leaded five hundred soldiers back to the island. After Liu Bang turned to be the new emperor, He want Tian Heng to be surrendered.But Tianheng refused.That was  called "no get off saddle".Finally he suicided on the way to Luoyang. Five hundred soldiers all suicided after they heard this bad news,The world shocked Tian Heng five hundred soldiers loyalty, then named the island as Tianheng.

The island has: 

the Sea Temple, the Wind Bucket, Tianheng copper horse, Qi Temple,Tianheng ladder,Tianheng Statue, Tianheng monument and other landmark attractions.

Traffic routes:

1)Take the tour bus from Jinan, Weifang, Qingdao to the island;

2)Jiqing high way directly to Tianheng Island by car..

Shooting rules

1, To ensure the player's  safety,players should shoot in the shooting area;

2, Open the bolt, the chamber can not installed by bullets,when carrying guns into or out of the shooting place; When shooting is completed finished,  test gun by the safety officer before you can leave the shooting position;

3,After get the coache, security officers'  agreemet, players can shoot at assigned time; The prohibited muzzle do not strictly on the people at any time;

4, The muzzle should point to the front, and dor not swing it left and right more than 45 degrees  in any case;

5, Do not move others firearms without permission; 

6, Should immediately stop shooting and exit the bullet,when find someone in front of the shooting area;

7, Referees, coaches, security officers will warning the shooter or cancel the shooting when shooter violation of the "safety rules",

8, Carry identity cards beyond 18 years old;Should  be accompanied by guardians  under18 years old for security.

Dining characteristics

     Tian Hengdao is well konwn all of the world with its unique history culture, superior geographical location, pleasant climate characteristics, charming island style,and abundant seafoods..

     Tianhai Island is surrounded by fertile sea field, abalone abalone, scallops, kelp and other seafoods.To provide abundant basis materials for more than a thousand fishermen on the island. 

Additional services and supporting entertainment

Fresh air, different plants,lovely climate and rich history culture created a really nice island here.

There have  two different scenery of northern and southern part of the island. The southern area of the island is Cape Bay and it is an  excellent for fishing.To the northern part  of the island,it is a nice place for  swimming, sailing, motor boats and other maritime sports.All in once word,It is an awsome place for all you guys.

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