Endotracheal Tube

Tracheal intubation by structure is divided into a cuff cannula, no cuff intubation, with a wire with a cuff intubation, with no cuffs tube wire tube four.

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Product Description

Feature :

a.Ttube made from Non-toxic PVC, latex free

b. PVC tube contains DEHP, DEHP FREE tube is available

c. Cuff: its great length reduces mucosal irritation by pressure distribution against a wider area of tracheal tissue and provides improved protection against micro aspiration of fluid along the cuff

d. Cuff:it vertically provides elasticity against the tube shaft in order to buffer short-term intratracheal pressure(e.g. coughing), keeping the tube in correct position

e. transparent tube allows indentification for condensation

f. radio opaque line through the tube length for X-ray visualisation

g. gently rounded, drawn in tracheal tube tip for atraumatic and smooth intubation

h. softly rounded Murphy eyes in tube tip is less invasive

i. in blister packing, single use, EO sterilization

j. certified with ,CE, ISO

k. specifications as below

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