Finger Oximeter

1)Product use is simple and convenient. 2)Small size, light weight (including the total weight of the battery is about 50g), easy to carry. 3)low power consumption, with two AAA batteries can be used for 10 hours. 4)When the battery voltage is too low may affect the normal use of the visual window will have a low voltage warning indication. 5)The product will automatically shut down after 8 seconds in the absence of a signal. 6)Scope of application: ward care, family health care, patient testing, outpatient care

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Product Description

Finger oximeter Features:

1)Color OLED display

2)blood oxygen value display range: 70 ~ 100% pulse rate display range: 30 ~ 240BPM

resolution: oxygen saturation of 1%, pulse rate of 1BPM

3)Accuracy: oxygen saturation 70% to 100% segment ± 1%, less than 70% no definition, pulse rate of ± 2BPM or ± 1% take a large value

4)Power requirements: 2 on the 7th 1.5V alkaline batteries

5)strong resistance to ambient light and weak perfusion

6)Display format: LCD display: oxygen saturation display: 70 - 100%, four variable, eight kinds of mode display; (respectively, up and down the size of the font conversion)

7)Pulse rate display: 30 - 240 BPM, 3 - digit digital display;

8)Pulse wave display: bar graph (bargraph) display;

9)Low battery voltage indication: LCD symbol.

10)Power requirements: 2 on the 7th 1.5V alkaline batteries, voltage to adapt to the range: 2.6 - 3.6 volts.

11)Power consumption: less than 30 mA.

12)resolution: blood oxygen saturation of ± 1%, pulse rate of ± 1 BPM.

13)Measurement accuracy: blood oxygen saturation at 70% -100% segment is ± 2%, less than 70% no definition, pulse rate of ± 2 BPM.

14)Measurement performance in the case of weak perfusion: Blood oxygen and pulse rate values are displayed correctly when the pulse filling degree is 0.5%.

anti-ambient light interference ability: in the indoor natural light and the existing light source under the blood oxygen measurement value and darkroom conditions compared to the measured value, the deviation is less than ± 1%.

15)has a function switch, no finger inserted after 8 seconds automatically shut down. 

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