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Industrial Ammonium Nitrate



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Product Description

Molecular formula: NH4NO3

Molecular weight: 80.04

It is white prills crystal,which has strong moisture absorption and agglomeration.It is easily explodes under the action of calefaction or detonation agent,And it is easily soluble in water,methanol,acetone and liquid ammonia,It is mainly used in making ammonium nitrate explosives,emulsion explosives,refrigerating agent and nitrogen oxide absorbing agent,as well as glass industry,medicine and fertilizers ect.


Chemical Pure Ammonium Nitrate (Product Standard: HG 2945-89)

Ammonium Nitrate -Dry Basic 

99.50% Min


34.7% Min.

PH Value(in 10% AN solution)

4.0 Min.

Insoluble (in 10% nitric acid)

0.2% Max.

Particle Size

1.0-2.8mm,85% Min.


0.05% Max.

Average prill anti-pressure N/pc 


Moisture0 .6% Max.

Our Ammonium Nitrate does not contain more than 0.2% of combustible matter including any organic matter expressed as carbon,any other being excluded.

Packing: 25Kgs/bag which is POLYPROPPYLENE inside covered by PE Layer.

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