Brake Disc

The material quality of Brake disk is used 250 standard of gray cast iron in China, HT250 for short, as G3000 standard in American. Chemical Constituents of three main elements respectively : C:3.1∽3.4 Si:1.9∽2.3 Mn:0.6∽0.9. Mechanical property requirement: Tensile Strength >21on/mm2 and Hardness requirement: between 187~241.

Certification: TS16949

Applicable cars : Japanese, Korean, American, German and so on

Origin: Shandong, China 

Package : Custom packaging boxes, pallet

MOQ:200Sets(4 slices/set)

Product Description

Style : solid disc or double disc

material : United States G3000/ gray iron 250

Features :has the enough intensity and rigidity, no deformation when you brake the car

Abrasion resistant, smooth rotation, scattered potential performance, 

fully reached the international advanced level of similar products

The first thing to check before replacing brakes change brake discs are genuine parts, integrity of the product packaging, if Anti - Counterfeit marking and packaging label and logo are the same on the brakes, if the product model as certificate content. Regular factory production of brakes, packaging and printing clear, it has license number, Executive Standard, box with a certificate, the production batch number, production date inside. Using a quality and reliable brakes, can guarantee that the service life of 0.8-1.2 million km. If use fake or poor quality brakes, can produce braking efficiency within a short time, but the long-term use, easily because the friction of the brake disc of high temperature and deformation, reducing the braking effect, eventually affecting driving safety.

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