Sodium Nitrate

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Product Description

Molecular formula: NaNO3

Molecular weight: 84.99

It is easily deliquesce in the air and soluble in water and liquid ammonia.

It will burn and explode when mixing with organics,It is mainly used in making potassium nitrate,glass industry,medicine and fertilizers ect.


Sodium Nitrate (Product Standard: GB/T 4553/2002)    


NaNO3 -Dry Basic   99.50% Min.       99.30% Min.    
Moisture 1.0% Max.1.5% Max.
Water Insoluble Matter   0.03% Max. 0.06% Max.
CI(as dry Dry Basic) 0.25% Max.   0.3% Max.
NaNO2-Dry Basic   0.01% Max.  0.02% Max. 
Iron(Fe)  0.005% Max.    0.005% Max
Fineness(Sieve test,smaller then diameter 4.75mm)  90.00%Min.

Packing: 50Kgs/bag which is POLYPROPPYLENE inside covered by PE Layer or 1 tone bag,

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