Heat sink

We provide professional production of OEM,ODM and we have over 3,000 tons of extrusion machines to process large heat sink.

MOQ:500 Pieces

Product Description

We are specialized in processing high-power radiator like frequency converter, power inverter, LED lamp and small radiator like Television and air conditioner.

Our product passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification.

Heat sink is a kind of equipment for cooling the appliances easy heat electronic components which build into slabby, sheet, splintery and etc. by aluminium alloy, yellow brass and bronze. Extrusion type and Plug type are the two most commonly used processing method.

Application Range

Communication and Electronic Industry: Television, air conditioner, refrigerator, computer, microwave oven, power source, car amplifier and etc.

New energy source industry: frequency converter, power inverter, PV, LED lamp, electric automobile and etc.

Machinery and Equipment Industry: woodworking machinery, Motor Casing, electric welding machine, medical appliances and etc.

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