Forged Wheels

The aluminum ingots by thousands of tons of pressure machine in mold direct extrusion molding, the benefits are even density, smooth and delicate surface, is built into the walls are thin and light weight, the highest strength of materials, 30% higher than the casting method. But it need more excellent production equipment, and yield only 50% - 60% more expensive to produce.

We produce customizing and processing of OEM,ODM

MOQ: 4pcs

Product Description

We are specializing in the production of aerospace grade materials for 6061 series Aluminum Alloy forging product, wheel hub product include One Piece, Two Pieces,Three Pieces halfway product , finished product, and rough base, smooth base, motorcycle tyre, truck and bus wheel hub, Specialty wheel hub, Specialty 6061 Forged Fitting and etc. Products are passed ISO/TS16949 Quality Management System Certification.

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