Die Casting

We are specialized in customizing and processing each kind of meter housing, instrument case, baking tray, motorcycle engines and accessories, lighting processing, daily hardware, LED lamp housing and other ship- specific accessories. Your drawings and samples can be processed immediately.

MOQ:500 Pieces

Product Description

Die casting has several classification method:

1)According to the differences of metal materials, casting can be divided into steel casting, iron casting, copper casting, aluminum casting, magnesium casting, zinc casting, titanium casting and etc.

2) each type of casting can be further divided by its chemical composition or metallurgical structure into different types. Such as iron casting can be divided into Grey iron casting, nodular iron casting, compacted graphite iron casting, malleable iron casting, alloy iron casting and etc.

3)According to the differences of cast molding method, casting can be divided into Ordinary sand mold casting, Metal Mold Casting, Die casting, centrifugal casting, Continuous casting parts, investment casting, Ceramic mold casting, Electro -slag remelting casting parts, compound casting and etc.

4) One of the most applied casting is Ordinary sand mold casting, about 80% of the total casting production. And nonferrous casting as aluminum, magnesium and  zinc mostly be die casting.

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