Brake Pad

Brake pad is the most critical safety piece in the automobile brake system. The quality of brake play a decisive Role on all the braking effects. So good brakes are protectors for people and cars. Consumer must buy qualified regular products when they change their brake to improve the security of their cars. Many factories make 1.5cm surface of friction to 1.2cm and 0.5cm steel back to 0.4cm for save into lower prices and they are hard to judge by eyes.

Certification: Our products passed the TS16949 certification, part of our products also have the EMARK certification.

Origin: Shandong, China


Packing:Recycle bag inside and custom carton outside

MOQ:200sets(4 slices/set)

Accessory: According to customer requirements can be added such as alarms and gaskets

Quality assurance: high-grade ceramic plate The former film is 30~50 thousands km Back film is 90~150 thousands km

Product Description

Semi - metallic :

 Products are stable, no dust to ensure brakes, wheel hub clean as new

Equipped with damping to reduce noise and shaking

No noise, long service life

Low metal brake :

100% Shaping One Time, high temperature friction performance is stable Excellent stability of recession, high - speed to avoid shaking 

No noise, long service life

Ceramic brake pads :

Professional ceramic formula design excellent braking performance

100 % do not contain asbestos

Friction surface ablation treatment to improve Initial friction performance

Non - asbestos - free copper sheets :

100% free of asbestos and copper components to ensure that does not contain carcinogenic substances.

No noise, vibration and long service life

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