Aluminum & PVC Doors and Windows

Product of Aluminum Alloy Extruded profiles for Architecture has many advantage like high strength, less weight, Corrosion-Resistant, decorative good, long life and rich color. Generally, good product of surface will not loss of gloss and change its color in 20 years.

We customize 6063 top grade Insulated and non - Windows and doors broken bridge aluminum alloy profiles and annual exports Europe and America.


Product Description

We use the world's most advanced production equipment and introduce Equipment and professional technology like anodization, coloration, electro-coating, electrostatic powder coating, sand blasting, woodentransfer and bridge cut-off heat insulation profile.


1.Anodized aluminum

2.Aluminum electro - coating

3.Powder coated aluminum

4.Wood grain transfer printing aluminum

5.Fluorocarbon spraying aluminum

6.Polished aluminum

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